Nutritional Treats

One of my favorite ingredients for my dogs is Unflavored GELATIN.
Gelatin is usually consumed by carnivores from eating things such as skin, organs, tendons and cartilage. However, since most domesticated dogs are conveniently fed through dry dog food, gelatin is not consumed enough.

☝Some of it’s major benefits include:

•Protection against seizures & brain damage

•Speeds up wound healing

•Collagen in Gelatin is used by the body to manufacture cartilage and bone

•Collagen also provides anti aging effects, even for your pets!

•Improves flexibility, relieving joint pain, arthritis and hip dysplasia

•Improves skin and fur health

•Improves overall Immune health

•A great source of protein. In mature animals, Gelatin can make up half of the dietary protein intake!
☝️In human babies, studies have shown that those who were bottle fed with Gelatin included in their formula had better digestion and babies fed formula without Gelatin had a higher rate of allergies and intestinal issues.😱
There are many ways you can feed Gelatin. You can feed it as simply as sprinkled over your dog’s food to fun treats such as this. Hope your furkiddos enjoy these benefits!
Don’t forget to turn on HD for the video!

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