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Thank you for your interest in our dogs/puppies. We are very passionate about Producing Healthy English Bulldogs as close to the Breed Standard as possible. We are a small in home breeder and take a lot of Pride in our program. Please complete this Questionnaire application and someone will contact you with more information about which dogs/puppies are or will be available. Picks of litters will be granted in order of deposits we receive. If we do not have any puppies available at the time of your interest, we will place you on our waiting list. We will notify you upon confirmation of our next expected litter. To expedite the process, please fill in all of the questions. Thank you!

Interested Parties/Party Information:

Your Full Name________________________________________________________________________________

Spouse/Partners Name__________________________________________________________________________

Street Address_____________________________________________________________________________


Home Phone: (_____)_____-_________

Work Phone: (_____)_____-_________

Cell Phone: (_____)_____-__________

Best Time/Number to Call: (____)______-___________


Freedom English Bulldogs

Questionnaire :

Do you agree that Freedom English Bulldogs representatives make all adoption/purchase decisions for our program dogs? We reserve the right to deny anyone whom we feel is not a good fit for our dogs/puppies. Please State whether you Agree or Disagree on the line below:

Why are you interested in fostering or owning an English Bulldog?____________________________________________________________________________________

How many hours will the pet be alone during the night?_________________________________________

How many hours will the pet be alone during the day?


Do you have a fenced in yard?____________________

Have you ever dealt with under socialized or special needs dogs?

Have you ever fostered or owned an English Bulldog before?________________________________________

Please tell us about your dwelling: (house, condo, townhouse, apartment, mobile home)_______________________________________________________________________________________

Do you own or rent?_____________________________

Will you agree to a home visit?____________________

Do you have children? If yes, how many and what ages?

Do you have any pets? If yes, what kind and how many?

Are your pets up to date on vaccines?______________

Are all your pets altered?_____________________

Who is your family veterinarian?______________________________

Veterinarian’s phone number_____________________

Are you able to commit to transporting your dog to vet visits? English Bulldogs may need to be taken to a Vet or Clinic for routine or EMERGENCY CARE. Please check Yes or No in the box: [ ]YES or [ ]NO

New parents are encouraged to maintain a relationship with Freedom English Bulldogs Representatives as they will be a source of knowledge/support for you & the dog in your care, which we would be happy to work with.

Do you understand that if you’re approved to purchase a dog/puppy from Freedom English Bulldogs you must complete the Limited Health Guarantee Contract and pay the fee(s) listed on the Contract pages? Please State whether you Agree or Disagree in the box below:

As a NEW Parent for Freedom English Bulldogs you understand that you are not to take your new puppy to the Pet Store, Parks, around other unvaccinated Dogs/Cats or to ANY Community Type Environment until AFTER your puppy is 16 weeks old of age and has had all of their scheduled immunizations, as their immune system is not fully protected until then. Please State whether you Agree or Disagree in the box below:


Application & Purchase Agreement:

WHEREAS Applicant wishes to purchase one or multiple dogs from Freedom English Bulldogs this agreement holds binding for any and all future dogs purchased from Freedom English Bulldogs. Now, therefore, for good and valuable consideration, the parties to the agreement agree as follows:
1. Applicant will provide compassionate and loving care for whichever English Bulldog they take into their home. This care includes – but is not limited to – adequate food, water, shelter, and medication or Vet Care when required. Applicant will NOT be reimbursed for ANY expenses related to taking care of animal. Applicant will have 72 hours to take whichever English Bulldog they purchase to their Vet for a Full Health Check after taking said dog/puppy into their possession. (There is a separate Limited Health Guarantee that explains details of which APPROVED applicant will read & sign prior to placing a deposit on dog/puppy of their choice.)

2. Applicant will ask necessary clarifying questions before taking any dog/s into his/her care. Applicant will promptly address matters of concern to a member of Freedom English Bulldogs.

3. Applicant will be patient and tolerant during the transition period (which can last from a few days to a few months). Applicant is prepared to work with the dog on basic training, such as housebreaking. Applicant will keep the dog primarily inside the home; the dog will not be outside for long periods of time, and when outside dog will have shade, freshwater, and food at all times. English Bulldogs can suffer from heat stroke or heat exhaustion very easily.

Breed of Dog/Puppy__________________________________________

Name of Dog/Puppy__________________________________________

Microchip Identification Number of Dog/Puppy___________________________________

Rabies Identification Number__________________________________________


Approximate Age of Dog/Puppy_______________________________________

Applicant’s Full Name__________________________________________

Applicant’s Signature_______________________________________

Freedom English Bulldogs Representative Full Name________________________________________

Freedom English Bulldogs Representative Signature________________________________________


Please e-mail this Application to freedomenglishbulldogs2016@gmail.com or Mail it to:
Freedom English Bulldogs
4111 S Robb Ave
Muskogee, Ok 74401

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Bulldogs are my Passion and Good Health along with the Beauty of the English Bulldog, as close to the Standard as possible, is my Main Goal!

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