Keeping your bulldog cool in the Summer

DISCLAIMER: We are not Veterinarians! Information is meant for Public Knowledge only. Always consult your veterinarian with any questions you may have.

Bulldog Overheating

Summer is now here and being based in Southern Oklahoma, we are very aware of what heat can do to your Bulldog.  Bulldogs and heat do not mix.

In a state where the temperature can rise upwards of 100 degrees with no problem, it is critical to know the signs of an overheating Bulldog, and what to do about it.

Even if you don’t live in Southern Oklahoma, it is recommended by many veterinarians to keep Bulldogs indoors when it is 85 degrees or hotter outside. Bulldogs can overheat easily, as do many brachycephalic breeds.  They are not efficient panters, and therefore are not able to cool as easily as other breeds.

Let’s look over the signs of an overheating Bulldog:

• Excessive panting

• Heaving while panting

• Odd sounds coming from the throat

• Very floppy, loose, discolored tongue

• Possible foaming from the mouth

• Exhaustion from the fight for breath

If you see any of these signs, your Bulldog is likely to be overheating.

This can be very scary for any Bulldog owner, as death can occur if not taken care of promptly.

Here are 5 tips to keep your Bulldog cool:

1. Never leave your dog unattended in days of hot weather or while they are in the car.  If you do so, it is very possible that they will overheat which could result in death.  Also, don’t leave your Bully unattended if you have a pool on a hot day as they could be tempted to jump in.  Simply put – keep an eye on your fur-baby when it’s hot.

2. Bulldogs need a cool place to stay and sleep in your home during the summer.  Make sure they are always in an air-conditioned and well ventilated room of your house.  Tile can help them cool down when it is hot outside.

3. If you see that your Bully is overheating, it is time to cool him off. Remove him from the hot area immediately.  Place your bully in some cool water, and pour cool water over his head.  If you cannot place him in a tub-like area, hose him down with a low pressure spray.  Ensure water reaches and soaks his paws. Make sure he has plenty of cold water to drink.

4. If your Bully is overheated, place your dog by a fan.  Use your fingers to spread his fur to open up his coat to help air flow through to his body.  Do this after you have put him in the tub/poured cool water on him.  Fur acts as an insulator to cold weather so by spreading his/her fur open you are helping to reduce this insulation!

5. Let your Bully see for him/herself how hot it is outside.  If your pup is anxious to go on a walk or wants to go outside badly, sometimes it is best for him/her to feel for themselves how hot it is!  It’s safe to say your Bully won’t want to be outside for too long when it is scorching outside.

If your Bulldog is overheating on a regular basis, we fully recommend going to see a veterinarian to see if there are any underlying issues.

Comment below now and tell us about any experiences you may have had with Bulldogs in the heat!

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