Why Should You Own A Bulldog?

A “Bulldog” may not sound like the name of a sweet dog, but these little guys are super friendly and outgoing! English bulldogs have a naturally sweet and gentle disposition. They are loyal and dependable, and they love to be with their family — they are also great around kids. Those who do own a bulldog know that they are “people-oriented as a breed” and “they actively solicit human attention.” So much so, they follow you around everywhere you go.

The Bulldog is a great choice if your looking for a companion that doesn’t require a lot of exercise and they do well in an apartment setting.

When you own a Bulldog, they actually own you! With their quirky personalities and stubborn nature it’s hard to resist letting them do what they want.

Published by Freedom English Bulldogs

Bulldogs are my Passion and Good Health along with the Beauty of the English Bulldog, as close to the Standard as possible, is my Main Goal!

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