You Want To Breed Bulldogs?

You think you want to breed bulldogs? Make a bunch of 💵💰💵💰?? 🤣🤣🤣

1) are you prepared to invest 10’s of thousands (before your first litter)?

2) are you prepared to spend as much or more on feeding dogs than you do yourselves?

3) are you able to take extensive time off work when your litter is born or have family at home that work opposite shifts, love the dogs as much as you and know enough to watch over your litter?

4) can you take pups to work with you if necessary?

5) give up your sleep? Give up your social life? For your litter?

6) go through 1-2 packs of baby wipes PER DAY for weeks at a time?

7) buy lots of goats milk at $3-4 per 12 oz can?

😎 spend thousands on progesterone tests? C-sections? Health tests?

9) keep 4-10 puppies as long as it takes to find good homes?

10) take your pups/dogs back if needed?

11) experience tremendous heartache and loss?

That is the tip of the iceberg. Yes it’s rewarding. Yes, watching your babies grow is amazing. But it’s not throwing two dogs together and 4 months later raking in the dough!! Not even remotely close.

If you answered no to any of the above….you are not ready.

Published by Freedom English Bulldogs

Bulldogs are my Passion and Good Health along with the Beauty of the English Bulldog, as close to the Standard as possible, is my Main Goal!

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