The Reasons Why Bulldogs Cost So Much


Im Tired of having ppl ask me to sell them a puppy for a couple hundred dollars, the price that a mixed breed would cost. Better yet the ones who ask for a baby for free. If you cant afford much I would recommend going to the shelter or rescue. You will be saving a life and they will be a little more at your budget.

So you want a purebred puppy but you don’t want to spend $2500 + ?… you can tell alot about a breeder from their prices alot of the time… first of all a real breeder won’t put OBO on their puppies… their prices are normally firm… Not all breeders are the same. One breeder may price their puppies differently from the next. You cant go to one breeder and ask them to lower their prices bc someone else sells theirs cheaper, we dont price match it’s not Walmart. Each and every breeder all do different things for their puppies… we dont add the same things in our care packages as well as some do their own shots to where others bring them to the vet, get them checked as well as shots (what I do). If you can find one cheaper with the same as I offer please feel free to go with that breeder. For example, I put a LOT of time into my babies as all breeders should. From making sure mommy is healthy before breeding her (genetic testing, blood work etc) to making sure she is fed right during her pregnancy. To being there for each puppy as they are born in case something goes wrong. All of the endless nights of no sleep the first couple of weeks of life, to all the time spent off of work, Coming home on breaks ECT. Let’s not mention bottle feeding every 2 hours for our small ones to make sure they survive. to doing very early one on one time having their feet, ears, tummies rubbed on, exposing them to every day sounds like pots and pans, the vacuum, plastic/papers bags, to walking on all types of surfaces from carpet to gravel. We do not force wean, we worm at appropriate ages, we vaccinate, we send each baby home with a care package and offer life time support to our families. That’s right I said “families”. We keep our puppies until they are 8-12 weeks old as well depending on size, health, weaning ECT. We wont send a baby home before it appropriate for them. What about the cost we spend on our babies as puppies just to learn they arent quality or something is wrong. We then fix them and start all over again. Noone puts into account all of the money that goes out to our breeding program to make sure you have healthy long life companions.

If we were to charge an hourly minimum wage fee for 24/7 care for the minimum of 8 weeks not including if our female needed a c-section, the cost of food, wee wee pads, formula, care package, wormer, shots, toys, etc. Each puppy would be $10,080…. (8 weeks x 7days @ 24 hours a day x 7.50/hr is $10,080). Nothing we do is free. Yes you say it was a choice. We made that choice for the simple fact is we love our breeds and what we do as well as love the babies all in general. We home rasie our babies having human contact since birth. We don’t keep them outside in a stall or anything. So look at how the breeder cares for their pups you are interested in before you complain on what they charge. Look and see all they offer with them. When your only paying a couple hundred for a thousand dollar dog please don’t complain, you get what you pay for. Quality and health are shown in price. We charge what we feel like our puppies are worth bc only we know how much we put into our babies. If you cannot afford their price then please go adopt! I dont mean to sound rude, only being honest.

God Bless

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