Heatstroke in Dogs. Know what to do.

As the Summer Heat continues to rise so does the risk of Heatstroke in your pets. It is important to know what to look for and how to intervene. Follow these steps below and you can SAVE a life! HEATSTROKE EMERGENCY FIRST AID , KEEP CALM AND FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS … If your bulldog isContinue reading “Heatstroke in Dogs. Know what to do.”

The Reasons Why Bulldogs Cost So Much

WHAT REAL BREEDERS DO, NOT PUPPY MILLS OR BACK YARD BREEDERS… Im Tired of having ppl ask me to sell them a puppy for a couple hundred dollars, the price that a mixed breed would cost. Better yet the ones who ask for a baby for free. If you cant afford much I would recommendContinue reading “The Reasons Why Bulldogs Cost So Much”

You Want To Breed Bulldogs?

You think you want to breed bulldogs? Make a bunch of 💵💰💵💰?? 🤣🤣🤣 1) are you prepared to invest 10’s of thousands (before your first litter)? 2) are you prepared to spend as much or more on feeding dogs than you do yourselves? 3) are you able to take extensive time off work when yourContinue reading “You Want To Breed Bulldogs?”

How To Tell When Your Dam Is Pregnant

When breeding our dogs we sometimes second guess wondering if they took. Some breeders have what they call “signs” to watch for. I’m posting a link below that has a lot of helpful information. What experiences have you had with your females being pregnant? How early could you tell and what are some of yourContinue reading “How To Tell When Your Dam Is Pregnant”

Why Should You Own A Bulldog?

A “Bulldog” may not sound like the name of a sweet dog, but these little guys are super friendly and outgoing! English bulldogs have a naturally sweet and gentle disposition. They are loyal and dependable, and they love to be with their family — they are also great around kids. Those who do own aContinue reading “Why Should You Own A Bulldog?”

Home Cooking for Your Bulldog

Here is a great article that I found about cooking home meals for your pets. Not only do they need nutritious food but they also need essential vitamins and minerals in their diet. https://digest.thefarmersdog.com/cooking-for-your-dog-watch-out-for-these-nutrient-deficiencies/

Does Your Bulldog Have a Dry Crusty Nose?

If Your Bulldog’s Nose Is Dry & Crusty, It Might Be Nasal Hyperkaratosis. Here’s What To Do. by Justin Palmer While nearly all dogs can experience mild dryness of the nose, bulldogs are far more prone to experience a conditation referred to as nasal hyperkeratosis. In a nutshell, nasal hyperkeratosis is a more intense formContinue reading “Does Your Bulldog Have a Dry Crusty Nose?”

Keeping your bulldog cool in the Summer

DISCLAIMER: We are not Veterinarians! Information is meant for Public Knowledge only. Always consult your veterinarian with any questions you may have. Bulldog Overheating Summer is now here and being based in Southern Oklahoma, we are very aware of what heat can do to your Bulldog.  Bulldogs and heat do not mix. In a stateContinue reading “Keeping your bulldog cool in the Summer”

Purchase Questionaire

Freedom English Bulldogs Thank you for your interest in our dogs/puppies. We are very passionate about Producing Healthy English Bulldogs as close to the Breed Standard as possible. We are a small in home breeder and take a lot of Pride in our program. Please complete this Questionnaire application and someone will contact you withContinue reading “Purchase Questionaire”

Creating a Disaster Plan for Animals

We all have a plan in place on what to do when there is a natural disaster that occurs such as a Tornadoes, Earthquakes or Fires but have you thought about what to do with your pets in such instances? This is a great article to read that AKC has put together for creating suchContinue reading “Creating a Disaster Plan for Animals”

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